Daisuke Furutomo


ispace, Inc.

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Daisuke Furutomo is responsible for performing cost and quality control at ispace. Prior to joining ispace in 2015, he had participated in the HAKUTO project as a volunteer. Previously, he worked for 6 years on system and testing equipment development for the International Space Station, where he designed, manufactured, tested, and operated as a lead engineer of machine structure development of equipments for communications multiplexing, life science missions, new material creation experiments, as well as to support flight operations. He also worked as an engineering manager for Japan’s first orbital development of a sample storage temperature control system, and supervised the project from basic design to manufacturing, operation support. Prior to that, Daisuke worked on general-purpose robots and production facility based on the technology. He has an extensive experience in semiconductor manufacturing inspection equipment, launch of “Kameyama Factory” for large flat panel production, designing automobile production equipments, etc. From 2007 to 2009, he was involved in the development of high-performance automobiles and supported the market introduction for the world’s first brake system for mass-produced vehicles. At ispace, Daisuke evaluates design, procurement, manufacturing, inspection and testing to improve basic functional performance and reliability for the lunar exploration rover.