Yuya Nakamura

Co-Founder, President & CEO

Axelspace Corporation

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Yuya Nakamura is the President and CEO of Axelspace Corporation. He experienced several microsatellite projects while he was a graduate student at the University of Tokyo. After finishing his Ph.D., he co-founded Axelspace in 2008, aiming for the dissemination of microsatellite technology. The company has so far developed, launched and operated five microsatellites including “WNISAT-1”, the world’s first commercial private microsatellite, and “RAPIS-1”, the first JAXA satellite developed by a startup company. Axelspace also succeeded in a large-scale fundraising and is now constructing “AxelGlobe” constellation by placing dozens of microsatellites in orbit, which will enable us to monitor the entire Earth on a daily basis.