The 4th Lounge Talk was held



On Friday, September 6, “Lounge Talk vol.4” sponsored by SPACETIDE was held at “X-NIHONBASHI”.

Lounge talk is a talk event regularly held by SPACETIDE to broaden the base of the space business. For those who have not participated in the annual conference or business persons who are not involved in the space community, the program promotes the creation of ideas and networking by exchanging opinions with a small number of people.

The theme of the fourth edition is “Life on the Moon in 2050”. In 2019, a manned lunar exploration will progress dramatically. Focusing on the fact that the worldviews drawn by Japanese anime and manga are about to become reality, we invited specialists in fields such as polar life, space ethics, and robot-human collaboration at the lunar base and discussed what it takes for humans to live on the moon, why humans go to the moon in the first place, and what new business possibilities there are.

[Speakers and themes]
・Chihiro Ichikawa, SPACETIDE
”Hints for the future from the world view drawn by Japanese space anime and manga”
・Yusuke Taguchi, GITAI Japan
”Robot / Avatar lunar base activity and collaboration with manned people using it”
・Yuji Murakami, Polar Architects/Field Assistant Representative, Nonprofit Organization
”The essence of ‘human life’ in a closed environment”
・Hiroaki Isobe, Kyoto City University of Arts
”Significance of human advance to space/moon”