Drive the future

of human society

through the space industry


Create New Waves

of the Space Industry


Design a sustainable ecosystem through

connecting industries/communities/individuals

and materializing the potential of the space industry

Government-led Space Development Private Sector-led Space Development

More Entrants
to Space

Traditionally, players in space activities were mainly developed countries. However, in recent years, more than 60 countries and regions have participated in space activities, and many private companies and start-ups have entered the market, resulting in rapid diversification of space activities and drastic changes in business models.

A Trillion-Dollar

The cuttingedge technologies have accelerated the innovation in rockets and satellites, and space systems have been used to solve socioeconomic and industrial issues. These movement is projected to lead the growth of the market size to more than 1 trillion dollar martket ture.

A New Ecosystem

In the space industry, where rapid changes and evolution are occurring simultaneously, it is essential to build a larger ecosystem through cooperation across countries, regions, positions, and industries.

Create an Interactive Community

SPACETIDE is a non-profit organization
that conducts cross-industry activities related to new space business,
aiming for development and expansion
of the space industry in Japan and around the world.

In 2015, SPACETIDE held Japan's first private sector-led, large-scale space business conference named SPACETIDE.Since then, as aneutral hubthat connects various stakeholders in the space business, SPACETIDE has been working with organizations and individuals from various fields such as domestic and foreign government agencies, academia, major companies, startups and etc., aiming for providing opportunities to discuss developments of the space industry and for expanding the community of the space industry.

SPACETIDE energizes the industry and creates new trends of the space business by connecting business in Japan and the one in the world and creating a new ecosystemwhere various players can interact.


SPACETIDE activities have been supported by pro bono members from various professional backgrounds such as consultants, engineers, and designers. If you are interested in joining us, please check the "Application Guidelines" at the bottom of the Members page, and contact us via the contact form.

  • Jenna Tiwana

    Global Team

  • Yasunori Fujimoto

    Small Event Team PM

  • Saki Tanaka

    Corporate Partnership Team

  • Yoshiaki Nakaue