Tickets now on sale: The 9th SPACETIDE Conference leading APAC Commercial Space since 2015




SPACETIDE Foundation will hold its 9th annual space business conference, SPACETIDE 2024, for 3 days from Mon. July 8 to Wed. July 10, 2024 in Tokyo.

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘From APAC to the world: Uniting Diverse Communities.’

Last year’s conference, under the theme ‘The Rise of Space Economy’, attracted 1,200 participants from over 20 countries to discuss the evolving landscape of space business.

SPACETIDE 2024 will feature approximately 50 sessions, delving into key themes such as the intersection between the Asia-Pacific region and the global space industry, the integration of  security and commercial space, developments in space and ground industries, as well as cutting-edge topics such as commercial space stations, the Cislunar economic zone and the space business workforce.

We are pleased to announce that all session details are now up and that tickets are available for purchase.


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■ Date and Time

  • Day 1: Monday 8 July, 13:00-19:00
    Track A: Global Space Industry
    Discussions on the latest global trends with public officials and private sector business leaders in Japan and around the world.
    Track B: Security and Space Business
    Discussions on security issues such as SSA, SDA and MDA, which have attracted much attention recently, with government agencies and private companies providing related services from around the world. 
  • Day 2: Tuesday 9 July, 9:00-19:00  (Networking is planned after day2 sessions)
    Track A: Market-specific discussions on commercial space
    Discussions with leading national and international companies, with a particular focus on on-orbit services, launch capabilities, and cislunar industries, reflecting the growing presence of private companies in these sectors.Track B: Japan’s space industry
    Discussions on unique themes in the Japanese space industry, including the Japanese Government’s space policy such as JAXA’s Space Strategy Fund, space business in regional cooperation such as Spaceport, human resource development and recruitment issues in the space industry, and the contribution of the space industry to the Noto earthquake.
  • Day 3: Wednesday 10 July, 9:00-19:00
    Track A: Market-specific discussions on commercial space
    Discussions on B2G/B2B/B2C businesses using space data, with a focus on collaboration with companies from different industries that are leveraging space assets, including environmental and meteorological applications, DX for terrestrial industries such as agriculture, forestry and fisheries, and direct-to-device communication.Track B: Space industry in APAC
    Discussions on the latest trends in APAC countries such as Australia, India and South Korea, which are accelerating space development, together with governments, space agencies and fast-growing start-ups; and overview of APAC’s industrial potential and challenges.

■ Event Format  (In-parson and recordings only. No live streaming.)

Toranomon Hills Forum
Toranomon Hills Mori Tower 4th and 5th Floor,1-23-3 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo





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