Sandy Tirtey

Launch Director and Director of Business Development Australia

Rocket Lab

  • Short Speach

Dr. Sandy Tirtey is Rocket Lab’s Director of Business Development Australia and the company’s Launch Director. Dr. Tirtey joined Rocket Lab in 2013 as Vehicle Team Lead, where he supervised the development and construction of the Electron launch vehicle. In 2015, Dr. Tirtey took on the role of Vice President of Vehicle Systems, before becoming Rocket Lab’s Launch Conductor in 2016. In this role, Dr. Tirtey led mission operators through the successful launches of ‘It’s A Test’ and ‘Still Testing’ in 2017 and 2018, respectively. In June 2018, Dr. Tirtey was appointed as Director of Business Development (Australia) and is based in Brisbane. In his current role, he is responsible for supporting the local commercial and government space industry to reach orbit. He is working to foster the development of CubeSat programs within Australian universities and works alongside small satellite companies as they develop spacecraft bound for Low Earth Orbit.