New board member and auditor



We are pleased to announce that Shinichi Nakasuka has been appointed as the new director of SPACETIDE and Ryo Nakajima as the new auditor. Their profiles are as follows.

Director Prof. Shinichi Nakasuka
Prof. Nakasuka graduated from University of Tokyo in 1983 and got Ph.D in 1988. He joined IBM Research during 1988-1990, and then worked for Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Tokyo as a lecturer in 1990, as an Associate Professor, and became a Professor in 2004. He is a member of JSASS, SICE, and IAA, and the former Chairperson of IFAC Aerospace Technical Committee and current president of UNISEC-GLOBAL. His major research areas include micro/nano/pico-satellites, autonomy and intelligence for space systems, novel space systems, and guidance, navigation and control of spacecraft. He developed and launched 12 micro/nano/pico-satellites successfully including the world first CubeSat. Member of Space Policy Committee of Japanese government.

Auditor Ryo Nakajima
After graduating from the Faculty of Law at Chuo University in 2004, he joined a judicial scrivener’s office in Tokyo, and after obtaining his judicial scrivener’s license in 2007, he engaged in corporate legal consulting, including corporate start-ups and reorganizations. In 2018, he opened his own office, “Judicial Scrivener Nakajima Law Office. In addition to corporate matters, he also assists academic organizations, mainly in the medical field, with their incorporation, and serves as an advisor to various corporations, including public interest corporations, general corporations, and NPOs, mainly providing compliance guidance and supporting the establishment of governance systems. In 2020, he was appointed as an auditor of SPACETIDE, a general incorporated association. In addition to his current position, he also serves as an auditor for the Japanese Society for prehospital emergency life-saving and the Study Group on Clinical Application of Advanced Medicine.

Hidetake Aoki and Jun Mizushima, who have served as directors since the establishment of our company, have resigned and will continue to be involved in our company as co-founders.