We are pleased to announce the publication of SPACETIDE COMPASS Vol.4 (English Version).

In COMPASS Vol.4, we updated the list of domestic start-up companies and the amount of fundraising in 2020.

Like COMPASS Vol.3, in terms of contents, 2 versions are available: Basic Edition and Completed Edition.

Completed Edition includes 2 additional contents.

First, Completed Edition provides a detailed analysis of the “Core Business of Launch Services,” which is one of the expanding business domains both in Japan and overseas, such as lowering launch costs associated with the development and operation of reused rockets and the construction of spaceports. Second, Completed Edition also expands the research scope of APAC startup companies from the preceding research in COMPASS Vol. 3 and deep-dives into individual companies.

We hope that our latest report would be useful for you to understand the latest trends in space business.

■ Table of Contents
  Hot News – Domestic Market
  Japanese Space Industry Startups
  Service Development of Satellite Data / Space Tech Application Players
  Core Business of Launch Services *
  Space Business Activity Trend by Corporations
  Domestic Fundraising
  Player Map – APAC Startup
  APAC Player Map by Year Founded APAC Startup Analysis *
* Available only in Completed Edition

■ Price
・Basic Edition : Free
・Completed Edition: 20,000JPY (Approx. 200 USD) (Tax Included)

■ How to Access
Please access the following page, answer the questionnaire, and download / purchase the report(s).

SPACETIDE COMPASS Vol.4 Basic Edition (Free)

SPACETIDE COMPASS Vol.4 Completed Edition (20,000JPY)

■ Notes
Please refrain from reprinting this report without permission for both Basic Edition and Completed Edition.
If you would like to reprint or quote, please contact us via inquiry form.