Matthew M. O’Connell

Managing Partner

Seraphim Capital

  • Short Speach

Matthew M. O’Connell is Managing Partner with Seraphim Capital Global Space Fund. Mr. O’Connell founded GeoEye, a leading global provider of satellite and aerial imagery and digital mapping information, in 2006 by merging 2 satellite imaging companies, Orbimage and Space Imaging. Under his leadership from the spring of 2003, GeoEye grew from 60 employees producing $9 million of revenue per year, with an equity value of zero and total enterprise value of $33 million, to 760 employees producing ~$400 million (2012), with a total enterprise value around $1.3 billion and an equity value of approximately $850 million. In January, 2013, he concluded its sale to DigitalGlobe. GeoEye achieved a reputation for sustained innovation in many fields including creative structuring and financing of Government contracts. GeoEye also pioneered several organizational structures and sales processes in the industry. Mr. O’Connell has been recognized as a thought leader in the digital mapping and intelligence industries. From October 2015 to July 2016, Mr. O’Connell was CEO of OneWeb, a start-up focused on using low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellites to provide broadband and telecom services around the world. Mr. O’Connell was a professional musician for two years in New York City.