Jordan Vannitsen

Co-Founder & CEO


  • StartupPitch

Dr. Jordan Vannitsen, ODYSSEUS Co-Founder & CEO, worked several years (2010-2012) at the European Space Agency where he coordinated seven nanosatellite missions until their launch on the VEGA Maiden Flight. He received the 2012 ESA Teamwork Award for this work. During his years at ESA, he was also appointed as system engineer of the European Student Earth Orbiter. In 2012, he started a PhD at the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan where he was, until 2017, project manager and system engineer of the PHOENIX CubeSat, Taiwan’s contribution to the European QB50 mission. In 2016, he co-founded ODYSSEUS space in Taiwan with two other French experts. Dr. Vannitsen has always believed that it is only through a global and joint effort that the wonders and riches of the solar system will be made available to humankind. The company long-term goal is to communicate safely and efficiently data & information relevant for space resources prospection at a relatively low price point. In this regard, ODYSSEUS develops key technologies which will enable smallsat missions to asteroids, while addressing the currently growing smallsats market to early generate revenues with its products sales. As an early success in Europe, the firm won in October 2018 the award, a 500K€ ESA contract, to develop its novel optical communications device for small satellites, named CYCLOPS, in Luxembourg. The company thus expanded in the country in February 2019 and can benefit from the specific Space Resources legal framework in place there. In line with the company long-term roadmap of space resources prospection data provider, ODYSSEUS has established a strong partnership with the Japanese company Axelspace to promote their AxelGobe Earth imagery data in Taiwan. With this activity, ODYSSEUS can early generate revenue while integrating and understanding the remote sensing data market and industry. ODYSSEUS is now preparing for an A-round investment to develop its future activities in Europe while maintaining an Asian presence to ensure its global reach.