We issued “COMPASS vol.3”



We are pleased to announce the release of SPACETIDE COMPASS vol.3.
In Vol.3, we prepared two types of BASIC (free version) and COMPLETE EDITION (paid version) as the first trial.

In BASIC, Vol.2 update, mapping of services deployed in the space data and technology utilization segment, which has the most players in the space business, survey of private space business support activities and policies by the government, and space business related This is a contribution about a certain legal system.

In COMPLETE EDITION, in addition to the contents of BASIC, information such as the startup list in the APAC region, the number of players, and HOT NEWS are collected.

■COMPASS Vol. 3 Contents
・Major News between January and June 2020 (Japan, by segment)
・List of Space Startup Players (Japan, by segment and year of establishment) *as of the end of May 2020
・Trends of Companies Engaged in New Space Business Activities (Japan) *as of December 31, 2019
・Fundraising by Segment (Japan) *as of the end of April 2020
・Government Support for Private Space Business
・Asia Pacific Startup Players (India, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Australia) *As of the end of May 2020 (complete version only)
・Major news in Australia, India, and South Korea (within the last 12 months) (complete version only)

■Price of the complete version
10,000 JPY (Including Tax: Special Offer Price)

■How to download/purchase
Please access the page below and fill out the survey to download or purchase COMPASS Vol.3.

Download COMPASS BASIC (free version)

Download COMPASS COMPLETE EDITION (paid version)

※After answering the questionnaire, you can download or purchase SPACETIDE COMPASS.

We would be grateful if you could refer to the trends of stakeholders such as business players, governments, and investors.

Please refrain from reprinting this report without permission for both free and paid versions.
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