Briefing Session for “COMPASS vol.3” held



On Wednesday, November 4, SPACETIDE held an online briefing session for “COMPASS vol. 3”.
COMPASS is an industry report that aims to deepen understanding and interest in the space business, and to make use of the information.
The Gold Sponsors of SPACETIDE 2019 and 2020 were invited to the briefing session, and the members who wrote the report talked directly about the outline of COMPASS Vol. 3, points of interest, and space business trends in various countries.
In addition, Mr. Mizushima, Director of SPACETIDE, introduced “The Latest Trend of Space Law and Space Business”, which he also contributed to COMPASS Vol.3.

Participating companies gave us updates on their recent activities and introduced their focus.
We were reminded of the importance of each company’s unique characteristics to create a new industry in the field of space.
Perhaps because the event was held online, about 30 participants attended, and it was a time to raise expectations for the space business.

Participating companies (in no particular order)
Synspective Inc.
KYOCERA Corporation
SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation
SAKURA internet Inc.